best Place to Visit in Australia

God has left the planet with some wonders for revealing his recreational miracles to the living souls here. Australia is undoubtedly one of those wonders which is rich in natural, cultural and historical stuff.
People from the inside and the outside of Australia flock to those wonderful locations to make their days beautiful and lovely. It is vital to know slightly about those most beautiful places before one sets out for a trip in Australia.If you are ready to meet some outstandingly beautiful places to visit in Australia then go through this article

Best Places to Visit in Australia


This city is known as the Mecca of Australia for all the trendy and tasty things in it. One can experience exquisite dining, lovely sports, and numerous opportunities to enjoy art. A perfect mixture of affluent cultural history and modern trends are waiting for the ones who are going to visit this place.
Once you are left in the bustling laneways, friendly neighborhood, and mind-blowing food scene, you must find himself or herself in indefinite love with this place. If you are looking for the best places to visit in Australia, you may head to this city without looking back.


Uluru also known as Ayers Rock is a large sandstone formation almost in the center of Australia. It is held as a sacred place by the local indigenous people. People are allowed to enjoy, around the formation, abundant springs, waterholes, rock caves, and ancient paintings.

Having been blessed with huge natural landmarks Uluru has obtained the recognition of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The local Anangu people are always kind enough to share the story and significance of this place and one can easily understand why this place is so loved by them. As it lies close to the center of Australia the transportation system is simply easy and quick. If you have a passion for enjoying nature and exploring history and culture, this place should be one of your listed destinations.


It is one the most beautiful and largest islands of the world ,located 240 kilometers to the south of the Australian mainland. The island is separated from the mainland by the Bass Strait with the archipelago containing the southernmost part of the country. This place is nicely silent and calm as it is the least populated state of Australia.

The glamouring view from the rocky high bank of the lakes and canals within it is really mesmerizing. To recognize its unique beauty at least 40 percent of it is preserved as a national park. Beside its natural beauty the visitors to it can also enjoy local unique food and know the amazing lifestyle of the people living there. you can meet with one of the best wildlife sanctuaries and a world class art museum in the Museum of New and Old Art. So one should enlist it as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Australia.


Kakadu National park is the second largest national park of Australia situated within the Alligators Rivers Region covering an area of almost 2000 kilometers. It is home to a number of rarely found wild animals that include Domestic Asian water buffalo, feral pigs, cats, red foxes and rabbits.

This park is protected by the EPBC Act. It also holds the heritage of Aboriginal rock art. Climbing up at the 200 meter Jim Jim Fall waterfall, swimming in the Gunlom, having a look at the crystal clear rock pull can make one feel the best content ever. Kakadu National park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site  and surely considered as one of the best peaceful places in Australia.

Sapphire Coast

Locating around 500 kilometers far from central Sydney, Sapphire Coast is a haven of natural beauty. Tourists flock there to enjoy the captivating stretch of sea from the Bermagui to the Disaster Bay. This place is also blessed with uncrowded beaches, untouched national parks, and undiscovered coastal wilderness.
Apart from natural beauty, people are also open to tasting various locally produced unique foods. The local mass people are really fond of rearing beef and lamb on the glassy slopes close to Pambula. When one is so close to nature and local culture, he or she must achieve some heavenly peace and contentment within the heart.


People never could imagine how exactly paradise looks like though they often name some places with this mysterious word. Whitsundays, comprising 74 other-worldly islands, is surely a glimpse of paradise. It is located between the northern coast of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. Its mild temperature and clear sky

throughout the year allow people to visit this place at any time of the year.
In this worldly paradise, the visitors are offered sun-drenched beaches, clear and calm water sails, and lovely views of lush and lively greenery. If you are really hungry to embrace the natural beauty and be embarrassed yourself, you must head to this place.


Sydney is not only the capital of Australia but also a capital of spectacular views and thrilling activities. The city has gained popularity as architecturally beautiful. The Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge are two iconic structures of this city. If you love getting along with new people and cultures with a lot of other amazing stuff, you can undoubtedly choose this place once in a lifetime.
Being one of the richest business hubs in the world, Sydney receives people from throughout the world. So it is an active place when the mind is not so in case.

Kangaroo Island

This is the third largest island of Australia which can make one’s life more ecstatic and jolly. This is home to some sugar-white beaches and numerous native wildlife. When you suddenly come across a kangaroo or a sea lion, you must be bewildered and puzzled by its uniqueness.

Breath view, laid-back lifestyle, and mouthwatering food and wine are enough to steal one’s heart without his or her conscious. So this island should be enlisted as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Australia.

Great Ocean Road

This is another wonder of Australia lying on the southwest coast of the state. This road starts from Torquay and ends at the Warrnambool. One has to drive for four hours without a stop to cover this road but, he must take a break at any point in the way because of the allure of nature.
This offers people a windy walk on the road and a captivating view of the evergreen sweeping forests. To explore the beauty from a height and closer, one must land here and satisfy their heart.


Exmouth  is one of the gorgeous coastal towns in Australia which is superbly a tourist attraction. One can friendly go on a swim with whale sharks as they are harmless and beautiful looking. Nature will pull you closer when you are at such a natural place.

Speaking frankly it is a heaven of nature lovers having the longest fringing reef on the earth.

None will regret his or her visit to it once he or she is caught by its calmness. 

People Also Ask

What is the most beautiful part of Australia?

The most part of Australia ,Uluru, is located in the northern territory of the country. This place is equally rich in aesthetic natural landscape, unique local culture and long history.

Which part of Australia is best to go?

Sapphire Coast can be the best one to go in Australia. People are allowed to go their by both air and road but these two are equally enjoyable .The place is obviously a pure gift of nature which is worth exploring hundreds of times in a lifetime.

Where should I go first time in Australia?

Sydney, Rock and Reef should be one’s first destinations in Australia as these all could be covered in a single trip. If you are ready to explore more, you head to Kat Tjuta which has everything to make your simple journey an adventure.


Australia has been one of the wonders of the earth from the very beginning of the world history. When you have got chance to be there at any stage of your life, you must not miss it because it can the greatest escape of your life then. Here in this article you can meet some those places in imagination.

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