Happy Ramadan Mubarak

Let’s welcome the month.

The spiritual light of Ramadan manifests our path and guides us towards righteousness.

May the holy spirit of Ramadan fill our hearts with humility and gratitude.

The month of mercy
The month of peace
The month of goodness
The month of forgiveness

It’s the month of practicing good Muslim. It’s the month of forgiveness by the almighty Allah. Let’s forget what we have done before. Because the month we have in our hands let’s try to practice being good servants. Let’s leave all the violence glory & jealousy. And let’s try to pray for everyone.

Ya Almighty Allah.

We did many sins but we know you’re Merciful and so kind please Allah forgive us all. We will not do sin anymore. Allah without you none can help us. Ya Allah please forget our all sin and give us enough knowledge so that we can realize we’re here. I mean we’re on this earth just for doing your Ebadot ” ya Allah gives us a straight way which is Jannah. Through which way we can be your favorite servants.

Without your Mercy and kindness we have nowhere to go. Ya Allah please forgive us all. Don’t deprive us from your Mercy. Give us Hedayat” so that we can realize we are being sent to this earth just for doing your Ebadot” ya Allah, you are all knowing, all hearing please fill our hearts with your mercy.

Ya Allah please make us your favorite servant. Give us your mercy so that we can obey all your rules & we all want to be your favorite servant. We all want to do your Ebadot” please Allah don’t deprive us from your Mercy. Forgive us all Allah.

May Allah bless & forgive everyone.

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