How to Be Happy With What You Have.

We’ve a short time to live. After a certain amount of time we all must leave. So I think during our lifetime we all should be happy and spend time with pleasure. No matter what & no matter how difficult life is! Just need to enjoy the moment. Cause we don’t know how many people dream to live the life that we’ve been living. So there are so many things to feel proud of.

Spreading happiness is the easiest way to feel happy. It’s okay if you hate the way you’re living just go and make someone happy. After that automatically your mind will be happy. We all do lots of things to make us happy but if we try to make others happy then we’ll also be happy as well. Though our life is short and unpredictable, if we want we can enjoy every moment. Because our life is controlled by us. Like, how do we want to use it, life can be used the same way. So we’re the leader of our life. Only we can lead. So we shouldn’t let others control it.

Theory of happiness

To talk about happiness. First of all, I’ve to say it’s all about mind satisfaction. Cause we’ve enough things to be happy. Just need to be satisfied enough. If we just accept ourselves the way we’re living, even if we accept the hard time. Definitely at the end we’ll be happy. It’s just a matter of acceptance.

On the other hand

It’s okay you’re not happy. It’s okay you’re broken. It’s okay you’re alone. It’s okay, nobody believes in you. Guess what! It doesn’t mean you’re weak, rather it does mean you’re enough to be alone. It means you’re enough to overcome all the circumstances that come your way to success. Accept your true self, accept your true life. Don’t hide anything. We need to accept everything, even the hard times.

Why we are not happy

Though we all have everything but we want more and more things and that is why we’re not happy. Such as, we want something and after getting it, we want more and more but never feel satisfied. Only for that reason at the end we are not happy enough. Besides, we don’t make others happy though we’re capable of spreading happiness but we don’t. Second, we always give priority to ourselves and our own but we don’t wanna feel others’ pain.

Be kind enough

Let’s be kind to others. We’re human beings & the best animal in the world. We should be kind, should be generous, should be honest and should be happy and spread that happiness. Because our life is short and very short even there’s not much time to think of it, rather we all should enjoy every single moment as a gift. Cause there’ll be a moment when we won’t be able to take breath anymore. So the moment we’re taking breath, we all should take it deeply and enjoy it. Because life will be gone one day.

Spreading happiness is a very wonderful thing. Just keep doing it as much as you can. Make others happy and be happy as well. Don’t feel sad. Whenever you feel sad just go outside and make someone smile after that automatically your mind will feel happy. Enjoy every single moment that has been given from the almighty. Don’t waste it. Celebrate your little victory. Make your happiness affordable. Do what makes you happy.

Be always positive and try to spread positivity. Be always happy and try to spread that happiness.

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