Bangladesh is a beautiful country in South Asia bordering India and Myanmar. This country is a Paradise of natural beauty. Anyone can add a new experience of travelling to Bangladesh on their travel list. Its ancient history helps to provide an experience full of vibrant culture and beauty. 

Bangladesh is small geographically but rich in tourism. Visitors from different countries of the world rush to Bangladesh. Travellers come to Bangladesh just for the purpose of travelling and to memorize its natural beauty. The place of natural beauty has further enriched the tourism industry of Bangladesh. 10 places of the country where tourists travel more are mentioned in the form of pictures and stories.

1. Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar boasts a breathtaking natural landscape with its main attraction being the world’s longest natural sea beach. The beach stretches over 120 kilometres along the Bay of Bengal, featuring golden sands and rolling waves. The view is complemented by the gentle hills in the background, creating a picturesque coastal scene.

The contrast of the vibrant blue waters against the sandy shores and lush green hills makes Cox’s Bazar a captivating destination for nature enthusiasts. The serene surroundings and the rhythmic sound of the waves contribute to a tranquil and scenic experience.

How to Go to Cox’s Bazar

To travel there, you can take a domestic flight to Cox’s Bazar Airport or a bus from Dhaka. The journey by road takes around 10-12 hours. Once in Cox’s Bazar, local transportation options include rickshaws, CNG-powered auto-rickshaws, and rental cars for getting around.


There are more than 10,000 hotels and motels in Cox’s Bazar. According to the capacity, you can fix the hotel from 800 taka to 10 thousand taka or above. And around the hotel, there are good restaurants along the entire Cox’s Bazar beach. Enjoy your best trip!

2. St.Martin’s Island

Martin’s Island is the only coral island located in the southernmost part of Bangladesh. Its other name is ‘Narical Gingera’ because there is a lot of coconuts available here. This Island is a renowned destination in Bangladesh known for its natural beauty. It boasts the world’s longest natural sea beach, stretching over 120 kilometres along the Bay of Bengal. The pristine sandy shores, gentle waves, and clear blue waters make it a picturesque location. The surrounding hills and forests add to the charm, creating a unique blend of sea and greenery. Cox’s Bazar is also home to Himchari National Park, where lush landscapes and diverse wildlife contribute to the overall beauty of the area.

How to Go to St.Martin’s Island

To get to St. Martin you have to go to Teknaf first. Then from there, you can go to Saint Martin by launch or trawler. There are many bus services from Dhaka. Besides, there are some agencies to go directly from Dhaka to Saint Martin, if you want you can contact them.


Saint Martin Island has many hotels and resorts. Here you will get hotels between 1000 taka to 3000 taka. There are many good restaurants to eat here. In addition to seafood, these restaurants also have a good selection of Bengali food. Moreover, every restaurant has a barbecue facility.

3. Rangamati

Rangamati is a district of the Chittagong Hill-Tracts area in Bangladesh. All are known for their scenic beauty. Enjoy boat rides on Kaptai Lake, visit tribal villages like Marma and explore the Hanging Bridge. Don’t miss the panoramic view from Shuvolong Waterfall. There is a Buddhist monastery called’ Rajban Bihar’, which is also worth visiting. Rangamati is the number of seven on our list of the best places to visit in Bangladesh.

How to Go to Rangamati?

Dhaka to Rangamati has many transports like Sohag, Saudia, Shyamoli, Hanif, Eagle etc. You can depart from Kalyanpur, Kalabagan or Syedabad.

Eagle etc. You can depart from Rent non AC 600-650 taka, AC 800-1000 taka. Alternatively, you can rent a private car or use a combination of bus and boat service to reach Rangamati. But remember that time and travel days should be used properly and it is better to leave at night. If you leave at night (10-11 am) you will reach Rangamati early in the morning (6-7 am). It will save your precious day.


Research and book accommodation in advance. Rangamati offers a range of options, from hotels to guesthouses. Explore the local cuisine. Rangamati offers a variety of traditional dishes. Don’t miss trying local specialities.

4. Sajek Valley

It is basically a union of Baghaichuri Upazila of Rangamati district of Bangladesh. Sajek is a perfect place for mountain lovers. An amazing combination of clouds and mountains can be seen in this outfit. The area is dotted with indigenous villages, enhancing the charm of their unique culture.

The mist-clad mountains and the pristine rivers add to the picturesque scenery, making Sajek Valley a captivating destination for nature lovers.It is composed of Riului Para, Hamari Para and Kanglak Para. Sajek is situated at an altitude of about 1700 feet. The highest peak here is Kanglak Hill which is situated at 1800 feet. From here you can enjoy the amazing beauty of sunset and sunrise. And almost all of Rangamati can be seen from Sajek. That is why Sajek is called the roof of Rangamati. There is also a fountain here.

How to Go to Sajek?

To go from Dhaka to Sajek first you need to go to Khagrachari or Dighinala. Then from there, Sajek should go by moon car. There are many direct bus services from Dhaka to Khagrachari/Dighinala. Then from there, you can go to Saje by moon car or CNG or private car.


There are about a hundred resorts and cottages in Saje. The rent will be from 1500 to 15 thousand taka for one night. There are some special restaurants in the area where you can enjoy the food. Some local food is available at the local restaurant at various prices.

5. Nijhum Island

Nijhum Island is located in Noakhali Hatia. The four main islands of Ballarachar, Kamlar Char, Char Osman and Char Muri and some smaller islands form Nijhum Island, a sightseeing place in Bangladesh. There are numerous guest birds, and different species of wildlife like deer, boar, buffalo, jackal, snake, monkey etc. But there is no electricity on this island. Chowdhury Canal and Kaviraj’s Char, Kamlar Dwip, Chowakhali and Chowkhali Sea Beach, and Nama Bazar Sea Beach can also be visited.

How to Go to Nijhum Island

From Dhaka, first go to Sonapur in Noakhali. From there you can go to Nijhum island by trawler, bus and motorcycle. Besides, if you want, you can go directly from Sonapur by reserving a trawler.

Accommodation and expenses

You can camp there if you want. But there are some hotels. And you will find good food around.

6. Sundarbans

Sundarbans is the world’s largest mangrove forest which is another internationally known tourist attraction of Bangladesh. In the southern region, 62 percent of the Sundarbans along the Bay of Bengal coast belong to Bangladesh and 32 percent to India.

Sundarbans is originally named after the Sundari tree. The main attraction of Sundarbans is the Royal Bengal Tiger. Apart from the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Sundarbans also have Chitra deer, crocodiles, various types of birds and numerous rivers. Moreover, there are many plants which are not found anywhere else. Very few parts of the Sundarbans are open to the public. Among them Karamjal, Herbaria, Kachikhali, Katka, Jamtala, Hiron Point and Dublar Char are notable.

How to Go to Sundarbans?

To go to Sundarbans you have to go to Khulna or Mongla from Dhaka first. Then from there, you can enter Sundarbans. There are direct buses and trains from Dhaka to Khulna. You can also go directly to Mangala from Dhaka. After that, you can go around the Sundarbans by launch or trawler.

Accommodation and Expenses

You need permission from the Forest Department to visit the Sundarbans. You cannot visit Sundarbans without a guide.

In Sundarbans, you can’t go around in two or three together. The best would be to take a travel package. These packages are usually 2 nights 3 days or 3 nights 4 days. Here you can choose packages from 6000 to 15000 taka.

7. Kuakata Sea Beach

The 18 km long Kuakata Sea Beach located in Patuakhali is another popular tourist destination in Bangladesh. Its main attraction is that the sunrise and sunset can be simultaneously from here. The west bank of Rangamati is best for sunrise and the west beach for sunset. Also worth visiting are Chutki Palli, Crab Island, Rangamati Jungle, Fatra Forest, and Seema Buddhist Temple.

How to Go to Kuakata Sea Beach?

You will get a direct bus from Dhaka to Kuakata. If you want to go by train, you have to go by train to Khulna. Then from there, you can go directly to Kuakata by bus. If you want to go to the launch, board the launch going to Barisal, Patuakhali or Amtali. After arriving in the morning, you can go to Kuakata by bus from there.

Accommodation and Expenses

You can get hotels from 500 to 5000 taka depending on the standard. There are many good quality restaurants to eat here.

8. Sreemangal

Sreemangal is a tourist destination in Bangladesh due to its lush green tea Gardens. It is located in Moulvibazar of Sylhet division. It is known as the tea capital of Bangladesh. It is very popular among Bangladeshi because of the variety of plantations and the origin of seven-colour tea. Sreemangal has gained its fame for two reasons. One is the Madhav Lake on the other Baikka Beel. Apart from this, there is the Lawachara rainforest around Sreemangal, Known for Hamam Falls and Rema Kalanga Wildlife Sanctuary.

How to Go to Sreemangal?

To travel to Sylhet in Sreemangal, you can consider taking a bus or train. The journey typically involves travelling from Sreemangal to Sylhet by road or rail, as there may not be a direct flight between these locations. Check the available transportation options, schedules, and choose the mode of travel that suits your preferences and schedule. Additionally, consider exploring local transportation options within Sylhet, such as buses or rickshaws, to move around the city and visit its attractions.

Accommodation and Expenses

The cost of accommodation and expenses in Sreemangal, Bangladesh, can vary based on the type of accommodation and personal preferences. Generally, budget accommodations can start from around 800 to 2,000 Bangladeshi Taka per night, while mid-range options may range from 2,500 to 6,000 Taka. Food expenses can vary, but local meals are often affordable, and street food can be a cost-effective option. It’s advisable to check current prices and plan accordingly based on your budget and travel style.

9. How to go to Bandarban

Bandarban is one of the best sightseeing places in Bangladesh surrounded by many small and big hills. Here you can see the wonderful scenery of mountains and clouds. You can see floating clouds from here. Bandarban is a district of Chittagong Hill Tracts. It is all hilly. There are numerous tourist spots to visit. Among these are Nilgiris, Neelachal, Meghla Tourist Center, Golden Temple, Nafakhum Falls, Devtakhum Falls, Chimbuk Hill, Baga Lake, Jadipai Jharna, Rijuk Jharna etc.

Ways to Go to Bandarban

You can go directly to Bandarban by bus from Dhaka. If you want, you can go to Chittagong by air from Dhaka, then directly from Chittagong to Bandarban by bus. You can reserve or hire local Chand cars there to travel to Bandarban.

Accommodation and Expenses

There are numerous hotels and resorts all over Bandarban. Here you will find quality hotels from 500 to 10 thousand taka per day. Besides, there are numerous hotel restaurants where you can find hill food along with Bengali food.

10. Bhirishiri

Birishiri is a traditional village in the Netrakona district. Its main attractions are the Chinese clay hills and the blue water lake. Someshwari River, Ranikhong Church and Kamala Rani Dighi are also places of interest.

How to Go to Birishiri?

You will get a direct bus from Dhaka to Birishiri. But these buses will drop at Sukhnagari. Then from there you can cross a river and go to Birishiri by rickshaw and motorcycle. Besides, you can go to Birishiri by train. If you come from Dhaka, get down at Shyamganj, Chalisha or Zaria station and from there you can go to Birishiri by motorcycle or rickshaw.

Accommodation and Expenses

There are Susong Durgapur Zilla Parishad Dak Bungalows, some guest houses and hotels. You can stay between 200 and 500 taka. For eating there are some hotels where you can get rice, fish, pulses, and meat.

The best tourism in Bangladesh includes tourism to World Heritage sites, historical monuments, resorts, beaches, picnic spots, forest tribal people, and wildlife of various species. Activities for tourists include angling, water skiing, river Cruising, hiking, rowing, yachting, and sea bathing. Day by day the tourist Industry of Bangladesh is flourishing. Our tourism industry will one day grow in the heart of the world. 

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