Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

Does your cat sleep all the time? So you should know why cats are sleepy and why they stick to the bed all day. Most people don’t know why cats sleep so much. Those who want to feed cats should have an idea about the normal sleep of cats. If you want to get the answer to Why Do Cats Sleep So Much, then you should read this article till the end.

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Cats are very small pets, so they sleep wherever they are. For example: on the bed, on the sofa, on the computer desk, on the kitchen counter, behind the curtain, next to the pillow, or on the chair. If you are a cat owner, you must have noticed where your cat sleeps. Also, if a cat is resting more than necessary, it is important to know if a problem has developed during the break.
Cats also sleep a bit more than other animals so there is no need to worry about it. But you should still notice if your cat sleeps at a normal level. Below are 15 reasons do cats sleep so much.

Here we Shortly Explain 15 Reason Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

Natural Hunting Instinct

Cats are hunters by nature and need to conserve a lot of energy for hunting. A cat sleeps to conserve energy levels. 15-18 hours is normal sleep for a cat. So cats need sleep for their hunting instinct.

Energy Conservation

Cats have a relatively high metabolic rate. So the more cats sleep, the more energy they will conserve. They can maintain their energy reserves by sleeping for long periods of time.

Adaptation to Environment

Cats are crepuscular animals. Crepuscular means they are most active at dawn and dusk. They sleep more during the day to stay alert and active during their prime hunting season. So there is no need to worry if your cat sleeps excessively during the day.

Deep Sleep Patterns

Notice that cats sleep very deeply at times. Because deep sleep is very important for their overall health. These deep sleep cycles help cats rest and rejuvenate.

Natural Circadian Rhythm

Cats have an internal clock that regulates the cat’s sleep-wake cycle. Cats naturally prefer to nap at certain times of the day. Therefore, the cat should be allowed enough rest without disturbing its scheduled sleeping time.

Heat Regulation

Cats have a higher body temperature than humans. So cats sleep more to regulate their body temperature. Cats may choose a comfortable place to sleep and curl up very easily.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Cats like to find a comfortable sleeping environment around them to relax and reduce stress. Cats sleep more in places they feel safe. Since cats are very active and love sports, they need a lot of sleep.

Heat Conservation

You may have noticed that cats sleep curled up. Curling up in a ball while sleeping helps cats retain body heat. This is especially important for cats in cold environments. Since cats need to store more body heat in cold environments, they sleep much.

Rapid growth and development of cats

Kittens sleep more than adult cats. They need extra rest to support rapid growth and development. There is no need to worry if your kitten sleeps too much, as it is an important part of their growth and development.

Recovery and Healing

Cats sleep more for tissue repair and healing processes. It is normal for cats to sleep more when recovering from an illness or injury.

Sensory Overload

Did you know cats have acute senses? Cats can become overwhelmed by sensory stimulation. Sleep keeps them away from excessive noise, light, or other stimuli. Because of this, cats tend to sleep more.


Cats sleep more to overcome the boredom of mental and physical stimulation. Also, sleep more to gain energy or stay active during engaging activities and games. Active cats sleep a lot during the day because they use their energy for play and hunting.

Age of Cats

Older and younger cats tend to sleep more as they become less active with age. Older cats may have age-related health issues that contribute to increased sleepiness. So by looking at your cat’s age, you can check cat’s sleeping time is correct or not.

Comfort and Security

Cats are comfort-loving creatures, so they choose the safest place to sleep. A cat can sleep for long periods of time in a safe place. You will notice that a cat always likes to sleep in its familiar place.

Types of Cats

Every cat has its own sleep needs and preferences. There are some cats, that just enjoy sleeping. Also, it is considered a normal part of their behavior.

NOTE: It is important to note if any sleep changes develop in your cat. If there is a drastic change in the cat’s sleep patterns, it could be a sign of an underlying health problem. Since every cat owner already knows about their cat’s sleeping habits, do not worry if such changes occur, and consult a veterinarian quickly.


How much sleep do cats need every day?

Ans: Cats naturally sleep a little more. But cats should be allowed to sleep 15-18 hours per day.

Do cats sleep more as they age?

Ans: Yes, As cats age, their energy levels decrease and activity levels decrease. So cats sleep more as they age.

Why do cats sleep for extended periods during the day?

Ans: Cats are more active hunting in the evening and at night so they sleep longer during the day to conserve energy.

Is it normal for my cat to sleep with me at night?

Ans: If you have a cat for a long time, then you should have an idea about its previous sleep. If currently, there is a change in sleep routine then it may not be normal sleep. But by nature, cats prefer to sleep with their owners at night.

Should I wake up my cat from its sleep?

Ans: Cats prefer to sleep in the safest and most comfortable places. And cats are very deep sleepers so avoid disturbing or waking your cat when it is asleep.

How can I ensure my cat gets enough sleep?

Ans: Why Do Cats Sleep So Much I have mentioned several points above that will help you understand how much sleep your cat should get. If you read the article carefully you will get a proper idea about your cat’s sleep.

Should I be concerned if my cat sleeps too much?

Ans: No need to worry if your cat sleeps too much. Because cats get older as their sleep increases. Also, if the cat is facing any health problem then it can oversleep. So contact a veterinarian if you notice changes in sleep in your cat.

Verdict words

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much? Hopefully, you got the answer to this question. The cat should be allowed to sleep normally. If you are very concerned about your cat’s sleep, consult a good veterinarian. Remember that the more cats sleep, the more energy they will have and the healthier they will be.

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