How Much Exercise Do Cats Need

Is your cat satisfied with the environment around the house? Not at all, if you think that then it is totally wrong. Exercise plays an important role in the development and well-being of cats. A pet cat at home should focus on regular exercise. You may be thinking, How Much Exercise Do Cats Need? This article will show you how important exercise can be to keeping your cat healthy and healthy. Keep in mind that if your cat gains weight, it will easily develop a variety of diseases that can be life-threatening later on.

How Much Exercise Do Cats Need: 15 Types of Cat Exercises

  • Laser pointer
  • Play with a wand toy
  • Catnip toys
  • Puzzle toys
  • Cat tower
  • Paper bags or boxes
  • Cat tunnels
  • Climbing trees or perches
  • Fetch
  • Cat-friendly obstacle course
  • Stuffed mice
  • Cardboard scratching posts
  • Laser chase toys
  • Feather fishing pole toys
  • Outdoor adventures

Why is Exercise Important for Cats?

Cats are lazy animals and they sleep a lot so exercise can contribute to their well-being. If you want to keep your cat healthy then you can choose exercise as an option. Did you know pet obesity rates are increasing worldwide? So a cat’s daily routine should include exercise. These exercises will help keep the cat’s muscles strong and maintain weight. Also, to combat obesity like diabetes and high blood pressure, cats need to focus on exercise.

How Much Exercise do Cats Need Daily?

A cat’s daily exercise depends on its weight and age. So exercise requirements can be determined according to the weight and age of your house cat. The level of exercise may be more or less based on the cat’s age and weight, so this can be modified. Schedule 20-30 minutes daily where the cat will be occupied with a variety of toys. A cat can engage itself through intense play and this contributes significantly to exercise.

Cats behave like hunters when they are busy with different toys or puzzles. We know that cats are naturally anxious to hunt, so they behave similarly with toys. So, don’t stop them from such practice. The cat’s running and hunting activities serve as one of their forms of exercise.

The Best Ways to Exercise your Cat

To keep cats healthy naturally, they need to monitor their mental health. In this case, the importance of exercising the cat regularly is very important. Here are some of the best ways to exercise your cat.

Interactive Play

Cats can be kept busy for long periods of time by engaging them in interactive play sessions. These toys imitate prey, so cats have a lot of attention on them. Examples: feather sticks, laser pointers, small toys attached to strings, etc. All-around toys to simulate the movements of predatory animals make a great contribution. Interactive play can encourage your cat to chase and poke.

Cat Tree and Climbing Frame

Invest in a cat tree or climbing frame that will provide great exercise for your cat. This type of cat tree has a variety of layers that cats love. Cats enjoy climbing, perching, and observing their surroundings from an elevated position. This will include exercise when your cat jumps on trees.

Puzzle Toys and Treat Dispensers

It is good to use puzzle toys or treats to provide mental stimulation and physical activity to the cat. Most American cat lovers access these toys for their cats. These types of toys keep cats engaged for longer and help them develop. Puzzle toys and treat dispensers play a special role in providing a variety of physical activity and exercise.

Stuffed Mice

Cats get lots of practice hunting with stuffed mice. It’s a toy that bats around so cats repeatedly jump and get proper exercise.


Catnip is a great tool to stimulate your cat’s playfulness. This toy will entice your cat to play. Catnip-infused toys are easy to find on the market. Sprinkle catnip on the cat’s play areas and create an environment for exercise.

Harness Training and Outdoor Time

Include your cat in a comfortable, supervised outdoor walk wearing a harness. Make sure you give your cat a properly fitting harness to keep it safe. Outdoor exploration provides cats with new sensory experiences and opportunities for physical exercise.

Rotating toys

Focus on rotating your cat’s toys regularly to keep them interested in playing. This helps to prevent boredom and maintain their curiosity. Introduce new toys to the cat periodically. In this way, keep the cat attracted to the toys for a few minutes.

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How often should I play with my cat?

You can play with your cat three times a day for five minutes. A total of 15 minutes of daily exercise can keep cats healthy.

Can you over-exercise a cat?

There is no need to overexercise the cat. Before beginning an exercise program for a cat, note its weight and age appropriately. Because we know that cats should be exercised based on age and weight.

How much exercise is good for a cat?

There are some accessories for cats that are very useful to pass their time and develop. By using 3 accessories daily for 15 minutes, it is possible to get a cat to practice exercise routines. However, you can include a variety of accessories to increase the cat’s activity.

Can indoor cats get enough exercise?

Yes, there are various technical toys available in the market for the health of cats. Access to exercise can be created by setting the indoor area of ​​the house. So a cat can create enough opportunities for daily exercise indoors.

How much exercise does a cat need to lose weight?

15 to 20 minutes of cat activity with a good quality active toy can easily reduce weight.

Last Words

Now you know, How Much Exercise Do Cats Need. There is no substitute for cat longevity and health than exercise. Include regular exercise to properly care for your cat. Learn more about the importance of exercise for your cat’s development and weight management, no matter what your cat’s age.

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